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R.W. Wehrle

Richard White Wehrle (1852 - 1937) was a highly successful Indiana County businessman and an avid naturalist regarded as Indiana County's foremost naturalist of his day. Mr. Wehrle is the namesake of the Wehrle's Salamander which he discovered in Indiana County in 1911 and named in his honor in 1917.

Mr. Wehrle submitted many specimens of snakes, turtles and salamanders to various museums. He was given an honorary membership in the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences for his collection efforts. Mr. Wehrle was highly regarded by the herpetologists of his era.

Wehrle's Salamanders can still be found in Indiana County, an endearing symbol of Mr. Wehrle's lifelong dedication to the county's natural history. Mr. Wehrle was a strong believer in taking daily walks in nature, to which he attributed his good health and long active life.

This photo of Mr. Wehrle appeared in Caldwell's History of Indiana County, published in 1913.